Do you spend your days wishing your kitchen felt a little less chaotic? Are you constantly running out of cupboard space to put things away?

The reason your kitchen feels so cramped might have a lot to do with the room’s lack of adequate storage solutions. Cabinets, shelves, drawers, and more can make a world of difference—and the professional kitchen remodelers from Curtis Construction Services are here to tell you how.

Read about the wonders of kitchen storage, kitchen remodeling, and more in this blog post. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with questions or comments if they arise!

Clever Cabinetry Solutions

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, your kitchen should be a sanctuary for culinary creativity and family gatherings. Yet, a cramped or poorly designed kitchen can quickly turn this haven into a source of frustration. Insufficient storage space, cluttered countertops, and disorganized cabinets are all too familiar issues that can hinder your kitchen's functionality.

When it comes to kitchen storage, cabinetry plays a pivotal role. Innovative cabinetry solutions can help you maximize every inch of available space. Here is an overview of the best cabinet options and storage solutions available to you:

Pull-Out Pantry Shelves

Traditional fixed shelves in a pantry can often result in items getting lost at the back and being forgotten. Pull-out pantry shelves address this issue by providing easy access to items stored in the deepest corners. No more reaching and straining to find what you need!

When you’re on the hunt for additional space, pull-out shelves make the most of whatever space you might have. This is particularly beneficial if your kitchen layout is on the smaller side or if you have an oddly shaped space that’s challenging to utilize efficiently.

Corner Lazy Susans

Corner cabinets often go underutilized due to their awkward accessibility. A corner lazy Susan is a fantastic solution, providing a rotating shelf system for easy access to items in every corner.

Drawer Dividers

Use dividers in deep drawers to effectively organize pots, pans, and utensils. Drawer dividers can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Tall Pantry Cabinets

Consider installing tall pantry cabinets that extend from floor to ceiling. These cabinets can store dry goods, small appliances, and more while using vertical space efficiently.

Under-Cabinet Drawers

Create additional storage by adding drawers beneath your upper cabinets. These can be perfect for storing spices, utensils, or dish towels.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a sleek and modern option. They allow you to showcase dishes, glassware, and decorative items while maintaining an airy feel in your kitchen.

Add an Island to the Remodeling Plans

When you have a kitchen island, your kitchen has a centerpiece. Everything takes place around the island, from meal preparation to casual dining and socializing.

Its unique position in the kitchen layout offers an excellent opportunity to maximize storage while maintaining a spacious and inviting atmosphere. Whether you have a small kitchen in need of smart storage solutions or a spacious one craving additional organization, the kitchen island can be the answer.

Here’s how to make the most of your kitchen island:

Deep Drawers

Install deep drawers in your kitchen island to accommodate pots, pans, and large kitchen gadgets. These drawers make for easy access and efficient organization.

Built-in Wine Racks

If you're a wine enthusiast, consider incorporating built-in wine racks into the sides of your kitchen island. It's a stylish way to store your favorite vintages.

Customized Island Shelves

Customize your island with open shelves that match your kitchen's overall design. These shelves can hold cookbooks, decorative items, or kitchen appliances.

Overhang for Seating

If space allows, extend your island countertop to create an overhang for seating. This not only adds functionality but also enhances the visual appeal of your kitchen.

Creative Corner Solutions for Your Kitchen

Corner spaces in kitchens are often underutilized or hard to access. Here are some creative ways to make the most of them:

Corner Drawers

Corner drawers are an ingenious solution that maximizes corner cabinet space. They offer easy access to items without the need for complex pull-out mechanisms.

Floating Corner Shelves

Install floating shelves in the corners to display decorative items or store small kitchen appliances, keeping them within reach but out of the way.

Corner Sink and Cabinet Combo

If you're planning a kitchen remodel, consider placing the sink in a corner cabinet. This frees up valuable counter space for food preparation.

Install Vertical Storage Solutions

When it comes to maximizing storage in your kitchen, thinking vertically is a game-changer. Often overlooked, vertical spaces offer a treasure trove of storage possibilities that can enhance your kitchen's functionality and organization.

From hanging pot racks to magnetic knife strips, these clever ideas transform your kitchen into a well-organized culinary haven. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to a more streamlined and visually appealing kitchen.

Pot Racks

Hanging pot racks can be a practical and decorative addition to your kitchen. They keep your cookware within reach and add a rustic charm.

Magnetic Knife Strips

Install magnetic strips on the inside of cabinet doors or on your backsplash to keep knives and metal utensils organized and easily accessible.


Pegboards can be mounted on the wall to hang pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. They offer flexibility in arranging your kitchen tools.

Tall Cabinets

Our trusted kitchen remodelers can install tall, slim cabinets next to your refrigerator or other available vertical space. These can be used for storing brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies.

Tap into Your Kitchen’s Storage Possibilities Today

Remodeling your kitchen for more storage capabilities doesn't have to mean sacrificing space or style. With thoughtful planning and innovative design choices, you can have a kitchen that isn’t only highly functional but also spacious and inviting.

We're dedicated to helping you transform your kitchen into the heart of your home, where organization meets elegance and where cooking becomes a joy. If you're ready to explore the possibilities of a kitchen remodel, contact us today, and let's embark on this exciting journey together. You can reach us at (818) 441-1120.