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As a leading bathroom remodeling contractor in Burbank, Curtis Construction Services is your trusted source for transforming your old, outdated bathroom into a modern and functional space. Our team of skilled professionals has years of experience designing and remodeling bathrooms of all sizes, ensuring every project is completed to our exacting quality standards.

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Our Full-Service Bathroom Remodeling

Our comprehensive services can handle all aspects of your bathroom remodeling project. From the initial design and planning phase to the finishing touches, we work with you to ensure every detail is taken care of. Our services include:

  • Design consultations
  • Customized layout and floor plan
  • Selection of high-quality materials
  • Demolition and removal of existing fixtures
  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Installation of new fixtures and finishes
  • Painting and tiling
  • Cleaning and finishing touches

With our team managing every step of the process, your new bathroom will be completed efficiently and precisely, leaving you with a beautiful and functional space to enjoy.

Small Bathroom Renovation

Small bathrooms also need some love and attention, and our team is experienced in maximizing the use of space in these smaller areas. We can help you choose the right fixtures and layout to make your small bathroom feel open and spacious while meeting your needs. Once our work is done, you’ll be amazed at how much bigger your bathroom feels.

Luxury Bathroom Upgrades

Live large and indulge in the ultimate luxury with our high-end bathroom upgrades. From custom showers to jacuzzi tubs, we can bring your extravagant bathroom dreams to life. There’s no limit to the level of opulence we can incorporate into your bathroom, so let your imagination run wild and let us make it a reality.

Primary Bathroom Remodeling

Your primary bathroom is the only space in your home that’s truly yours, and it should be a relaxing and luxurious retreat. We specialize in primary bathroom remodeling, creating a space that’s both functional and beautiful. With features like dual vanities, spa-like showers, and luxurious finishes, you’ll have the perfect escape right at home.

Bring Out Your Creativity with Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Don’t let your bathroom be just another conventional space in your home. With our custom bathroom remodeling services, you can let it express your individuality and creativity. Whether you’re looking for a sleek modern look, a traditional elegant design, or a quirky unconventional layout, we can make it happen.

We’ll collaborate closely with you, integrating your ideas and feedback at every stage of the planning and implementation process. With our expertise and your personal touch, we’ll transform your bathroom into a unique work of art.

Our Bathroom Renovation Process

A bathroom renovation is an exciting venture, and we want you to feel confident and informed every step of the way.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Our process starts with a comprehensive consultation to discuss your vision, preferences, and budget. This step helps us understand what you want to achieve and establish clear goals for the renovation.

Step 2: Design and Planning

In this phase, we create a detailed plan for your bathroom renovation. This includes choosing the right materials, fixtures, and finishes that align with your taste and the overall design aesthetic. We’ll also provide a timeline for the project during this phase.

Step 3: Construction

This is the execution phase, where our skilled team brings the design to life. We maintain a clean and safe worksite, and we manage all aspects of construction, from plumbing and electrical work to the finishing tile installation and cabinetry.

Step 4: Quality Check and Handover

In the final step of our process, we carry out a quality check to ensure every detail aligns with the agreed plan. Once we’re confident that everything is perfect, we hand over your newly renovated bathroom to you, ready to be enjoyed.

Your Local Bathroom Contractors

As a local bathroom contractor, we’re extremely familiar with the unique needs and preferences of homeowners in the area. We’ve worked on numerous projects in the community, giving us valuable insight into the best materials, designs, and layouts that work well for Burbank homes.

Our goal is to bring your vision to life while incorporating practical solutions to make your bathroom a comfortable and enjoyable space.

We Use Only High-Quality Bathroom Remodeling Materials

We understand that the bathroom is a heavily used space, and it’s essential to use materials that can withstand daily wear and tear. That’s why we only source high-quality materials from trusted suppliers for our renovation projects. This can include everything from durable tiles to high-quality fixtures and fittings.

Your satisfaction and the longevity of your bathroom are our top priorities, and we ensure every material we use meets these standards.

Achieve Your Dream Bathroom with Our Affordable Remodeling Services

A bathroom renovation may seem expensive at first, but it’s an investment that can significantly improve your daily life and increase the value of your home. With our affordable renovation services, we make it possible for you to achieve your dream bathroom while staying within your budget.

Our transparent pricing and detailed project proposals ensure no surprises, so you know exactly what to expect throughout the process.

No-Obligation Bathroom Remodeling Estimates

We offer a no-obligation estimate for our bathroom remodeling services, allowing you to explore your options and decide if our services are right for you. Our team will discuss your needs, budget, and timeline to create a customized plan that fits your requirements.

We want to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in choosing us for your bathroom renovation project.

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